Morphou bishop says coronavirus the result of sin (video)

Morphou bishop says coronavirus the result of sin (video)

The coronavirus is the result of the sin and malice between great powers but also the fault of humans in general, Morphou Bishop Neophytos has said.

During his sermon last Sunday in Nikitari, which came to light on Friday, the bishop while drawing examples from the life of saints said that it will be very difficult for scientists to find a cure for the coronavirus, which is evolving into a pandemic.

“Because it is the result of sin and malice between the great powers and of our own unrepented sin and malice,” he said.

He also said that the virus is rapidly spreading but in the absence of the necessary medicines doctors and nurses will find themselves at “the most dangerous front line.”

The bishop wondered if these doctors and nurses will treat the numerous patients or isolate them and abandon them as they do in China.

He also said that those who die for Jesus but also for their fellow humans become saints, adding that in the afterlife everyone will be judged according to their actions in this one, “depending on who we gave water to, we fed, we gave compassion to whether they are in prison, or ill, or in hospital, or in foreign lands.”