No need a Grant from Greek Cypriots

No need a Grant from Greek Cypriots

Turkish Cypriot rights over the Cyprus waters can not be suspended until a potential solution

Turkish Cypriot member of parliament and ex-negotiation member legal expert Oguzhan Hasipoglu critized Greek Cypriot leader Mr. Anastasiades` proposal with respect to share of hydrocarbons based on 4:1 population ratio.

It is not a correct way to make proposals via press. Turkish Cypriot side has proposed many times to set up a Committee about hydrocarbons and discuss the way forward for such resources. Turkish Cypriot side has no intention to block any decision under such a Committee to be formed, however as equal shareholder on the island`s water and as a matter of political equality, Turkish Cypriots should have the right to participate to the decisions to be taken.

Hasipoglu said the Turkish Cypriots repeatedly asked the Greek Cypriot side to wait until a federal settlement is reached on the divided island and then decide on how to utilise the natural resources of Cyprus.

“When I was a member of negotiation team, we have also proposed to form an Joint committee, similar to the ones we have in other issues, and take steps together for the Turkish Cypriots to have a say on the natural resources they also have legitimate rights on,” Hasipoglu said, adding that this can be implemented under the auspices of the United Nations

On the other hand, Greek Cypriot is rejecting Turkish Cypriot proposals and keep stating that Turkish Cypriot rights arising from Cyprus waters are being kept by the government and will be paid if we reach a solution one day!

Such an approach is not in line with federal spirit and does not help for the solution, said Hasipoglu and make reference to the
11 February 2014 Joint Declaration which states; sovereignty emanates equally from Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots and neither side may claim authority or jurisdiction over the other.

If we insist on taking advantage of natural resources before a solution to the Cyprus problem, then we will have to apply from now on what would happen in the context of a solution. If one tries to use the hydrocarbons as a pressure lever to the other side, then this will certainly be a source of tension. Why should the Turkish Cypriot side allow the Greek Cypriots to use such a pressure lever?”

Turkish Cypriots has no intention to wait anymore Greek Cypriots to decide whether they want to share the natural resources with us. If they want to unilaterally explore and exploit, then we shall do the same together with Turkey. Turkey is determined to make use of the resources of the island together with us.

Benzer Haberler